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A Conspiracy of Wolves

Thursday, December 3, 2020

A Conspiracy of Wolves (2019) Candace Robb (Owen Archer)

A Conspiracy of WolvesSet in York in 1374

It’s been a year since Archbishop Thoresby died. Owen has spent the intervening time on the estate he was gifted because of Thoresby, but now both Prince Edward and York want him to decide what he is going to do. York wants him to be Captain of the bailiffs, Edwards wants him for his spy–and Prince Edward does not take no for an answer.

Chaucer has come into town, to press Edward’s case, but Owen has been pressed to investigate a murder–one that rumor has as committed by wolves. But wolves don’t slit throat with knives.

Also, Michael has been working as a scribe, while searching for a place now that Thoresby is gone.

Jehannes hoped to find other clerics who might need some of the monk’s time. But Michaelo’s reputation preceded him, and so far clerics proved reluctant.

Because Magda is out of York attending a birth, Allisoun is left to help those who come for healing, and she is pulled into the mystery–and forced to test her loyalty to the healing arts versus that to Owen and Lucie.

As much as I enjoyed spending time with the characters, the mystery in this story felt disjointed–I got the broad outline of why the murders happened, but the when–just felt unrealistic. Who waits decades to take revenge–especially a revenge as complicated and far reaching as these murders were.

But I did enjoy spending time with the characters.

Publisher : Severn House Publishers
Rating: 7/10

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