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The Bone Jar

Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Bone Jar (2016) Candace Robb (Owen Archer)

The Bone JarSet in York, possibly in 1366.

It’s not stated when this story is set, but with Lucie being pregnant, and Owen worried about how the child will react to him, I’m guessing it’s set around the time of The Nun’s Tale.

Magda has to leave, and asks Owen to watch her home at night while she is gone. She believes someone is trying to steal the contents of her bone jar–which she is holding for Bone Man who will take the bones away and properly bury them.

“You have the bones buried? Is that common practice?”

Magda shrugged. “It’s Magda’s way.”

“Why not make some profit on them?”

The sharp eyes bored through him. “Thinkst thou art clever? Pah. Magda pities the poor wretches who pray to dried skin and bones, expecting miracle cures. She won’t be part of such traffic.”

This is an extremely short story that reads more like an outtake from a book than a full-fledged story. In other words, probably not a good story for someone who is not already familiar with the series.

Publisher : Diversion Books
Rating: 6/10


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