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Hellboy: Masks and Monsters

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hellboy: Masks and Monsters (2010) Mike Mignola, James Robinson, Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez

These are two tales outside of the Hellboy time line (ie this is not a sequel to The Wild Hunt) but are crossover with other characters including Batman and Starman. Batman doesn’t play a particularly large role (after all, he’s a busy super-hero) but Starman (which is apparently an inherited role) does. The Nazis are once again stirring up trouble, and want to wake up a monster to steal his power. (Silly Nazis).

In the second story, Hellboy is searching for the vigilante Ghost, to attempt to recruit her into BPRD. Things don’t go as anyone expects. Well, I suppose nothing ever goes as expected for Hellboy.

Although it was odd seeing Hellboy interact with Batman, I did enjoy the stories.
Rating: 7/10

Published by Dark Horse

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