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Hellblazer: Original Sins

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hellblazer: Original Sins (1987) Jamie Delano

Original Sins

So. Well.

I first came across Constantine in the Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, when Constantine helps Morpheus get his bag of sand back. He was a strange character, and I wasn’t sure about him. But I was curious.

Then we watched “Constantine” which was an okay action movie, although I didn’t think Keanu Reeves fit my brief memory of Constantine. I was right. Now that I’ve read the first Hellblazer, I have to say that the movie and the character of Constantine in Original Sins have nothing to do with each other. Blonde. British. Chain-smoker. Rake. Movie didn’t get any of those things. (Oh, Constantine had cigarettes in the movie, but Keanue Reeves cannot smoke. At all.)

So, aside from that, how did I feel about Original Sins? It was eh.

Some of the stories I found confusing, and some things didn’t make any sense to me. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I was missing something that had happened elsewhere, or whether I’d accidentally skipped a page and totally missed a pertinent piece of information. (I am much more likely to do that when reading comics than when reading books, much to my confusion.)

Additionally, the resolution at the end of this story really sucks–as in, there is no resolution. Not really.

So, Michael picked up a a couple of other volumes, so I’ll read the next one, and see how I feel about it, and then decide if I want to keep reading or not.
Rating: 5/10

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