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Heaven’s Net is Wide

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Heaven’s Net is Wide (2007) Lian Hearn

Heavens Net is WideThis is the tale of Lord Otori Shigeru, heir to the Otori clan. But it is so very much more. We learn not just of the Otori–Shigeru’s family, but of The Tribe, and of the Hidden, and of the Maruyama and of the amazing and fabulous world that is–but yet is not–Japan.

I read the Tales of the Otori years ago, and loved the series, but somehow, never managed to read the fourth book, and didn’t know there was a prequel.

How could I have forgotten how good Lian Hearn’s writing is?

How could I have forgotten how easy it is to fall in love with her characters?

It’s been long enough that I remember only bits and pieces of the series. Mostly what I remembered is how much I loved the series, which is probably what kept me from re-reading it or reading the other books in the series. The fear that it would not be as good as I remembered and I would be disappointed.

More the fool me.

I’d write, more, but I have the rest of the series to re-read, and read, and I really don’t want to put it off any longer.
Rating: 10/10

Published by Riverhead Trade


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