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Dirty Magic

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dirty Magic (2014) Jaye Wells

DIRTY-MAGICI desperately needed something distracting, so picked up Dirty Magic, read a couple chapters, wasn’t sure it was what I was in the mood for, but the next day picked it back up, and discovered it served admirably as a distraction.

Kate Prospero spent her youth cooking dirty magic. She quit cold turkey, and went on to become a cop, but being an Adept–as well as her past in the Covens–hovers over her, and has probably kept her from promotions. But still, she wants to get dirty magic off the streets, and is willing to be a beat cop if that’s what it takes.

I really liked Kate.

“Ah c’mon. I didn’t do nothin’.”
I raised a brow. “You flashed a weapon at an officer.”
“Ah man! I didn’t know you was a cop. Thought you was just an uppity bitch.”
“As it happens, I’m both. Do not move.”

I like how she took care of her brother, how she kept walking the beat even if it wasn’t getting her anywhere, and I like how she had to struggle with all the things that were important to her.

I also liked the mystery and the complicated characters.

But that is not to say that it was perfect. I really really didn’t understand the difference between “dirty magic” and “clean magic.” The stakes were really really high for what seemed to be rather subtle differences.

This became an issue towards the end of the book, when the use of magic becomes a blackmail tool. I also really didn’t see why the creation of anti-potions was illegal. Especially when potions created by “clean magic” were routinely used by law enforcement.

A last note–this is a great cover. She’s not dressed in a ridiculous outfit. She’s not turned to show her boobs and/or butt. Her head isn’t cut off. Instead, she’s standing looking powerful and active.

Absolutely marvelous cover.
Rating: 7/10

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