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The Devil You Know, Audible Version

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Devil You Know, Audible Version (2006/2007) by Mike Carey and narrated by Michael Kramer

I fear I am becoming an audio book snob.

All my recent favorites have been full of British accents (few of which are posh, which makes it all the better).

I read the Felix Castor series years ago, and had managed to forget the main points of the plot. Because Mike Carey has written Hellblazer, I believe I ran the two together in my mind, and remembered Fix as much more of a bastard than he actually is.

Mind you, he’s not a saint by any means, but he actually tries to be a stand-up guy, even if that led him to do something that worked out really badly for everyone involved. (It wasn’t his fault, but he blames himself.)

Felix is casts out ghosts–a profession that became much in need after the dead started to come back in numbers. He’s been able to do so since he was a child, and his tool of choice is a tin whistle. All exorcists have their own way of performing exorcisms, and Felix’s involves music.

This is a very dark book. Of course there is murder (the ghosts who die in the sleep seemingly less likely to haunt than those who died tragically) but Fix works in the darker parts of London, and his job leads him to parts darker still.

What makes it difficult is that the ghosts aren’t really the cause of the darkness, rather they are more a symptom. And having come from writing John Constantine, Mike Carey has no qualms about showing you those darker parts. SO be prepared if you are faint of heart.

Me? I really enjoyed this series, and the narration is very good.
Rating: 9/10

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