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King of the Murgos

Friday, January 23, 2015

King of the Murgos (1998) David Eddings

< The second book of the Mallorean finds Belgarion once again on the road with companions (including my favorite, Silk) but not all those who went on the first quest are allowed on this one, which causes some grief, and will come up again in later books.

And we pick up some new people, including another of my favorite characters, Velvet.

‘His Excellency, Prince Khaldon, Ambassador of the Royal Court of Drasnia,’ Morin announced, ‘and her Ladyship, the Margravine Liselle, a— uh—’ He faltered.
‘Spy, your Excellency,’ Liselle supplied with aplomb.
‘Is that an official designation, your Ladyship?’
‘It saves a great deal of time, Excellency.’
‘My,’ Morin sighed, ‘how the world changes. Should I introduce your Ladyship to the Emperor as an official spy?’
‘I think he’s gathered that already, Lord Morin,’ she said,

This book (and the rest of the series, really) is mostly travel, but despite the demons and other unpleasantness, it’s still a comforting read.

It’s also where we start to see the author beginning to humanize the Murgos. As Garion was a child in the first book, it made a kind of sense for him to see things in black and white. But I appreciate the complexity that is given to the Angaraks in this series, as well as what it portends for the rest of the series.
Rating: 7/10

Published by Harper Voyager

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