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Black Arrow

Friday, August 12, 2016

Black Arrow (2006) I.J. Parker

Black-ArrowSet in Echigo Province, JAPAN GODS-ABSENT MONTH (NOVEMBER), A.D. 1015

Akitada has been sent to Echigo as provisional governor, and discovers that there are many problems at his new post, from the decrepit compound to a possible revolution to outcasts possibly harboring fugitives.

Plus the fact that the winters are long and isolating.

I liked the historical and political aspects of this story, as well as the murder mysteries.

Under the Chinese system, a judge had to watch as his sentence was carried out, and Akitada wondered at Hisamatsu’s interest in the various torturous methods of killing a man or woman. He seemed to take inordinate pleasure in detailing their finer points.

And I really like Akitada. He’s quite human.

Akitada chafed at this and at the fact that Kaoru had taken over and was giving the orders, but he submitted. He felt badly out of his depth.

It’s an interesting series, and I’m enjoying it.
Rating: 7.5/10

Published by Penguin Books

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