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Island of Exiles

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Island of Exiles (2007) I.J. Parker

Island-of-ExilesThe prince in exile has been murdered, and the son of the governor of the island of exile has been accused. Two men from the Imperial City have come to seek Akitada’s assistance in solving the murder.

I didn’t care as much for this; parts of the story dragged on and on. There are some books where a character recovers from serious injury that are well done and interesting. This passage was slow and ponderous and seemed to focus on the suffering and misery rather than the spirit needed to recover. Not that there weren’t glimpses of that, but they were overwhelmed by the grim descriptions of the beatings and injuries.

The mystery itself was interesting and complex, I just got bogged down in the misery.

But to end on a more upbeat note:

I often wonder if this place makes some men pursue grand schemes because their world has become as small as a grain of sand.” She turned back to Akitada. “You are a good man and a man of honor. May you find happiness in the small things.”

I quite like that.
Rating: 6/10

Published by Penguin

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