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A Kiss for Midwinter

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Kiss for Midwinter (2012) Courtney Milan

Set in England in 1863.

Lydia was a secondary character in The Duchess War and this is her story–how she found true love despite her past.

Dr Grantham also appeared in The Duchess War, although far less than Lydia, but he is still interesting even in those brief glimpses.

Here, is is fascinating and wonderful.

“The stuff that babes are made of comes from your own body, Mrs. Hall.” He straightened and put away his stethoscope. “If the babe needs the material of bones, it comes from you. If it needs the material of skin, it comes from you. There’s a reason you’re losing your teeth, Mrs. Hall.”

She looked away.

“You need to take a rest from bearing children. This babe likely won’t kill you. The next one might.”

“There is a study by Doctor Semmelweis in Austria,” he said. “He has been much maligned for it, but I see no fault with the methodology. Semmelweis worked in a hospital in Vienna, and he decided to make one tiny little change in his practice. After he performed an autopsy— and before he delivered a child— he washed his hands in a solution of chlorinated lime.” He looked over at her. “He found that when he did so, the incidence of childbed fever was reduced by an astonishing ninety percent.”

Also, he mentions John Snow and the Broad street pump.

But on top of that geekiness, the relationship that develops between Lydia and Dr Grantham is believable and marvelous. Both have problems–Lydia is far more damaged than she is willing to admit–but neither makes stupid relationship mistakes, although Lydia is (as she admits) purposefully blind to what Dr Grantham says.

It’s a lovely novella, and highly recommended.
Rating: 9/10

Published by Courtney Milan

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