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Valediction, Audio Version

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Valediction, Audio Version (1984/1992) Robert B Parker narrated by Michael Prichard

Susan has finally graduated–and has decided to move to California. Spenser is very close to falling apart, and so takes on a case for Paul–one of the dancers in his company has disappeared and the head of the company (and her boyfriend) claims she’s been kidnapped by a religious sect called the Bullies.

The things get complicated.

Although he doesn’t mention the Army, Spenser does mention being in Korea in this book. He also talks a bit about getting older (trying to cut back on coffee).

First, the mystery. I do like this mystery, although I think the “surprise” is a bit less of a surprise than it was in 1984, but that’s perfectly fine.

Second, Susan. This is where I start to dislike Susan. I comprehend her need to prove her independence to herself, but (intentionally or not) she plays games with Spenser that are very unpleasant. Refusing to give him her address (even though she knows he could find it), taking up with someone else (although I don’t dislike her honesty in telling Spenser), and generally being a mess and making Spenser a mess in the process.

I appreciate Paul saying all the things the reader is thinking, and that Spenser does listen to him (and Hawk) a tiny bit. But it’s still frustrating.

This, however, also has a scene that has always stuck in my memory and amused me.

Hawk was there and Paul. As I came out of the sleep I heard Paul’s voice, softly.

‘No, like this, shuffle, ball, change. You see, shuffle, ball, change.’ I heard his feet move lightly on the hospital floor. ‘How can a man with your heritage not be able to tap-dance.’

I heard Hawk’s gliding chuckle. ‘My ancestors busy eating missionaries, boy. We didn’t have no time for no fucking shuffle ball change.’

‘Well, you wanted me to show you.’

‘That’s before I knew you was going to do it better than me,’ Hawk said.

That quick exchange is a delightful summation of Hawk.

But aside from all the Susan crap, this is a good mystery.
Rating: 7.5/10

Published by Random House Audio

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