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The Myth Manifestation

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Myth Manifestation (2018) Lisa Shearin

Our world is populated by a greater variety of creatures than we might imagine, from vampires and werewolves to goblins and dwarves and all variety of creatures considered mythical. For these creatures to hide in plain sight, a treaty was hammered out 100 years earlier, to keep fights that existed on their home worlds from boiling over here, and to make sure that these creatures remain hidden from most humans.

It’s time to renew that treaty, and SPI is to host the convention, and provide much of the protection for the delegates.

Unfortunately, as with the best laid plans, someone wants to give both SPI, and the host of the convention, Rake Dansecu, a black eye.

For multiple reasons, I fear this might be the last book in this series. But, at least everything closed cleanly and clearly, so if there isn’t another book I can be happy with how things ended.

As with the previous books, the best part of this story is Mac, a transplanted southern gal whose skills make her important to security and enforcement, but pretty much unable to fight monsters on her own.

I’m like one of those little dogs who chases big trucks. In my case, though, the big trucks are bloodthirsty monsters. Occasionally I catch one, but I’m woefully unqualified to do anything past that point.

Despite her relatively weakness, she does the best with what she has.

I drew my own weapon. It was the latest and greatest paint pistol SPI’s chief armorer had made for me. As a country girl who grew up in the mountains, I was a good shot. Since I’d been working at SPI, I’d become a better shot. Our agents and commandos were expert shots— when it came to what they could see.

My paint pistol and I were there to help them shoot what they couldn’t see.

While I came to New York knowing how to shoot, I quickly found that there’s a big difference between shooting cans off an old, rusted washing machine and taking down a living, breathing whatever. For one, cans wouldn’t chase you down to tear you limb from limb. A lot of the things SPI hunted believed that an uneaten human was a wasted human, and they didn’t care if you were still alive when they started in on you.

Needless to say, I quickly became intensely motivated to become an expert at hitting moving targets.

I absolutely love how logical and sensible that is.

Plus, Mac is just delightful and fun.

I shoved some bacon in a biscuit, wrapped both in a napkin, and tucked it in my jacket pocket.

I really like both this book and this series, and highly recommend both. They’re fun and enjoyable–a perfect escape.
Rating: 8.5/10

Publisher: NLA Digital LLC

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