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Rising Stars: Visitations

Friday, February 16, 2018

Rising Stars: Visitations (2002) J. Michael Straczynski

Visitations is four short stories, the first two of which are the background of what the Specials were.

Interestingly, the recurring character throughout the entire run is Dr Wells, the man who was supposed to watch the kids, but also report on them to the government. The first three volumes make clear that Dr Wells had a connection with all the children, but here we see more of how he saw things, and how the kids did trust him and come to him (we already know he had earned and deserved that trust).

In the first story, one of the bits is even the supposed Supreme Court ruling that give the specials their rights but also the surveillance the government would do to keep the rest of the population safe.

The second shows you precisely how the public would feel about people with strange abilities–even children–if they ever happened. It’s a quick glimpse at what the government might do.

But the last two stories are really why you want to read the comic. Story three is about Edward Clairborn, the kid who claimed to be a Special but wasn’t. It’s very good story-telling, as we see the Ed dumped in with the Specials, we see the argument between his mother and the government, and we learn why he made the claim. For as short as it is, it’s quite lovely.

The last story is a peek at Jerry Montrose’s history, but it’s really more than that. We see how Jerry and Jason started their fighting, we see that even with incredible powers, Jerry still felt that he wasn’t as good as the others, and we see the start of the path of forgiveness between the two.

Aside from learning the general background. of what the Specials were, you can read both stories without having read the rest of the series. They’re quite good short stories, and able to stand on their own (once, as I said, you understand what the Specials were).
Rating: 8.5/10

Publisher: Top Cow

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