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Edie Ernst – USO Singer: Allied Spy (2011)

Edie Ernst – USO Singer: Allied Spy (2011) Brooke McElowney

I'm not even sure anymore how I stumbled across 9 Chickweed Lane, but I did, and it amused me, so I'd read it most days.

Then the Edie Ernst thread started and I was hooked.

Some background: 9 Chickweed Lane is about three women: a mother, grandmother, and granddaughter. Never mind. Just go here and read up if you think you need to.

Which you really don't.

It turns out that the grandmother, Edna was in the USO during WWII, secretly doing intelligence work for the Allies. This collection is the story of how she met Juliette's father and her time gathering intelligence.

So if I read all these online, why did I want the collection? Because it is a wonderful and amazing story line, and one I'll want to read again–and share with others.

Even if you have never read 9 Chickweed Lane, you should get and read this collection. It stands completely alone, and is an amazing tale of a time we are slowly losing all connection to.

Rating: 9.5/10