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Volume 1 (2017), Volume 2 (2019), Volume 3 (2020)

Heathen Volume 1 (2017) Natasha Alterici

Heathen Volume 1Aydis was sentenced to death or marriage for kissing another girl, but her father secretly saved her life and sent her into exile.

Aldis has decided to that as a warrior she will go on a quest, and free the Valkyrie Brynhild.

Heathen Volume 1

But the goddess Freyja has other ideas, and gets involved.

Heathen Volume 1

What I find most fascinating about this comic is that it was written and drawn by a woman, and that comes through in the art. The women may be scantily clad in some scenes, but they still look like real women. I found the portrayal of Freyja most interesting, because the goddess of love is not drawn as a man would draw her, but as powerful and confident. (And most likely historically accurate.)

I’ve already ordered Volume 2.

Publisher: Vault Comics

Rating: 8/10

Heathen Volume 2 (2019) Natasha Alterici, Rachel Deering

Heathen Volume 2The second volume picks up where the first volume left off.

Brynhild and her lover have separated from Aydis who has been sent on a quest by Freyja.


Heathen Volume 2

Aydis needs to reach Heimdall, but the sea is cursed, and filled with mermaids who see humans as delicious. But she manages to find a ship and sail north.

Heathen Volume 2

Unfortunately, nothing goes well for anyone in this, and Odin is very unhappy about events from the previous book, and seeks to punish all involved (including his wife).

Heathen Volume 2 Back Cover

The bad here, is that there no firm date for the third volume. Bah humbug.

Publisher: Vault Comics

Rating: 7.5/10

Heathen Volume 3 (2020) Natasha Alterici, Ashley A. Woods

Heathen Volume 3Aydis has entered the lands of the gods, searching for Odin.

But Odin, angered by Aydis’ brash demands and actions, wants revenge against her, and will take it out in her people.

Heathen Vol 3

Some of those she has met along the way are also journeying–some towards her and some towards her home.

I need to read this again I think before I can rate it.

Publisher : Vault Comics