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Welcome to the Jungle (2008)

Welcome to the Jungle (2008) Jim Butcher, Ardian Syaf

welcome_to_the_jungleHarry Dresden in comic form.

First, the story was interesting and I liked it.

There is a murder at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Although city officials would like to blame Moe the gorilla for the murder, Murphy calls Harry in because the crime scene doesn't add up, and Harry senses something that is definitely a supernatural baddie.

Second, Harry was entirely too rugged looking. Really. That manly jaw thing he had going just felt…wrong. I picture Harry as a geek, and the Harry here just isn't geeky. So that was a bit distracting and kept throwing me out of the story.

Third, I think Jim Butcher does a pretty good job in short form writing. The story is fast paced and well done. I liked the secondary characters, although I wish Will could have been a little less Barbie-ish. But at least Murphy looked as expected–tough and bitchy.

Do I recommend Welcome to the Jungle? Yes, but with reservations. After so many books I've got an idea in my head of how Harry should look, and this is nowhere close to that image, so I found his looks to be extremely distracting. Aside from that, it was fun. Properly gruesome without being overbearingly so. But I have a feeling this is going to appeal primarily to those who are already fans of the Dresden Files series.

Rating: 7/10