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Heroes: Volume One (2007)

Heroes: Volume One (2007)

Heroes Volume One As previously mentioned elsewhere, we finally finished watching Heroes. (Yes, I know we're slow. But we were watching the DVDs.) Heroes: Volume One tells the stories in between the shows. We not only see Nathan and DL discovering their powers, but we also learn more about some of the characters who only had bit parts, including the girl who could mentally intercept electronic messages. In fact, that is the main story in the second half of the book.

We also see part of the future where Hero and Peter meet up, and how future Peter meets future Niki. Though the future Peter in the comic wasn't nearly as hard and cold as the future Peter in the show. Plus, we get a Micah story.

But interestingly, it was the stories about the characters such as “Wireless” that I found most interesting. The “Claire” story didn't add much to what we already knew about her, as did the story about her father saving her from the fire. But the stories about which we knew nothing–minor characters or the future after the bomv–those stories were the most fascinating, and filled in the most about how characters became the way they were.

If you saw the series, then you are probably going to want to check out the comic books. First because it fills out some of the stories we saw in the show, and second because it rounds out some of the characters. And with the “Wireless” woman, even explains some of the questions I had left from the show.

If you haven't seen the show, then I'm not sure how you'll feel about the comic. The first few stories may give you an introduction to the show, but after that you'll probably be missing a bit too much to really get what is happening.

Though I seriously doubt there is anyone who wants to read Heroes who has not already watched the TV show.

Rating: 8/10