Monster on the Hill

Monster on the Hill (2013) Rob Harrell

monster-on-the-hillThis is a comic/graphic novel for kids. It’s cute and amusing, but perhaps a tad bit heavy-handed with the lesson.

But what is it about?

Stoker-on-Avon has a monster problem.

More specifically, their monster is terrible. He doesn’t come out and scare the townspeople, he just sits in his cave and sulks.

The townspeople are not happy about that, so they send disgraced Dr. Wilkie up the hill to see if he can figure out the problem, and perhaps convince the monster to do his job.

In addition to the Monster and Dr Wilkie, there is also a homeless urchin–who sells papers of course.

This is another comic/picture book I have for the kindle, and again, I found it slightly disappointing to read in the Kindle. In this instance, the text isn’t too small to read without magnification, which is good, because the magnification boxes really wrecked havoc with the layout of the comic.

So, fun, but I again had issues with reading the book on the kindle.

Published by Top Shelf Productions

Rating: 6/10