The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey

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The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey (2006)

The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Wisdom And Wit in the Wild West (2006) Steve Sheinkin

The Adventures of Rabbi HarveyI completely and totally got this one a whim, because I love folklore, which is what much of this is based upon.

Imagine the Wild West. Now imagine a Rabbi there, keeping the peace and dispensing wisdom.

Yeah, that's what drew me in as well.

Is the book good? Yes. Lots of tales and wisdom. Is it great? Well… maybe not.

As I said, the stories are very good–some of them are retellings of older tales. But I'm not sure how much (if anything, at least for me) the art added to the tale. I think I could have read this without paying any attention to the drawings and still gotten everything.

Does this take anything away from the story? Not too much. It was still fun and amusing. Will I buy another volume? Probably not. I think I'd rather by the book of Jewish folklore that's sitting in my wishlist.

Rating: 6/10