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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Books of December

Here are the books of December!

Some of my favorite books of December were Flame in the Dark by Faith Hunter, the Jacqueline Kirby series by Elizabeth Peters, and The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan.

Also: the complete 2017 round-up!


The Tropic of Serpents (2014) Marie Brennan (8/10)

Mystery, Historical

Lady Darby
The Anatomist’s Wife (2012) Anna Lee Huber (7/10)
Mortal Arts (2013) Anna Lee Huber (8/10)
A Grave Matter (2016) Anna Lee Huber (8/10)
Lord John
The Custom of the Army (2010) Diana Gabaldon (8.5/10)
Barker & Llewellyn
The Hellfire Conspiracy (2007) Will Thomas

Fantasy, Supernatural

Flame in the Dark (2017) Faith Hunter  (8.5/10)


Jacqueline Kirby
The Seventh Sinner (1972) Elizabeth Peters (8/10)
The Murders of Richard III (1974) Elizabeth Peters (8.5/10)
Thin Air (1995) Robert B. Parker (8.5/10)


Chance, Audio Version (1996/1997) Robert B. Parker narrated by Burt Reynolds (8.5/10)
Jar City, Audio Version (2000/2004/2011) Arnaldur Indridason translated by Bernard Scudder narrated by George Guidall
Bangkok Tattoo, Audio Version (2005) John Burdett narrated by Paul Boehmer

And now the stats!

Lots of re-reads last month (although there were three audio books, which are always a re-read for me).

eBook: 10
Audio: 3
Multiple Formats: 3
Re-read: 8

Genre-wise it was mostly mystery, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in.

Fantasy: 3
Mystery: 10

As for the authors, mostly women this month!

Male: 3
Female: 10

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