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A Grave Matter

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Grave Matter (2016) Anna Lee Huber

Set in Scotland in 1831

After the death of her friend in the previous book, Kiera has fled to her brother’s home (her sister and brother-in-law are in Edinburgh during her sister’s pregnancy), but a New Year’s Eve murder pulls her into another investigation, and back into the public eye she has been avoiding for so long.

I do appreciate her relationships with her brother.

Certainly, I had danced with Trevor far more than any other gentleman of my acquaintance, for he had been forced to partner me by our childhood dancing master. We had stepped on each other’s toes and smacked one another in the face with an errant hand too many times to count.

More importantly, her brother points out that she needs to come to terms with her father, and how he didn’t protect her from Sir Anthony.

(T)hen Trevor spoke. “You always go to Mother’s grave.” Our eyes met for the first time since he’d joined me, and I frowned. “When you come here,” he clarified. “You always go to Mother’s grave. You seem to barely be able to look at Father’s.”

“Don’t be silly,” I scoffed uncomfortably. “Mother’s is just closer to the tree, and thus out of the wind.”

“But it’s not always windy when you visit here.”

“True. And I stand before Father’s grave then.”

“But you don’t.” His voice was gentle, but certain.

I like how it takes her time to come to terms with her past, and how her family gently but firmly pushes her to do so.

“Everyone’s got their hurts. No matter who they are. It’s easy teh forget that when we’re no’ willin’ teh look too deep.”

I also enjoyed watching Kiera and Gage’s relationship progress.

But why have I never seen you dance at the dinners and other soirees I’ve attended with you?” I glanced back at him with a sardonic lift to my eyebrows. “No one asked.” I turned to survey the crowd surrounding the dancers inside the ballroom, not wanting to see pity in his eyes. But a tug at my wrist pulled my attention back to him. “What are you doing?” He scrawled his name across my dance card in several places. “Claiming my dances before they’re all taken.”

It’s another lovely escape.
Rating: 8/10

Publisher: Berkley

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