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American Fairytale

Friday, November 29, 2019

American Fairytale (2019) Adriana Herrera

American FairytaleThe second book in the American Dreamers series. Camilo Santiago Briggs learned to rely only upon his family–which includes his three best friends. So when he stumbles into a Fairy Tale romance, he doesn’t know how to act or what to do.

Thomas Hughes is Dominician and American, but he grew up in the DR–even if he looks and sounds like your average white guy. He and his two best friends built a company and then sold it for a billion dollars. Now he’s retired and looking to do good with his money.

Milo’s mother is the most important person in his world–after being widowed when Milo was a young child, she came to NY to make a life for them. But it has cost her, and Milo is protective of her.

My mother struggled with depression. It was tough but manageable most of the time. But every once in a while she’d hit a rough patch and get leveled by it.

So, this story starts with a hook-up, which never works for me, but that’s a me issue.

It’s pretty much love at first sight between Milo and Tom, but there ends up being a big blow up towards the end of the book, and I ended up being a little bothered by it, because Milo was close to hurting himself, trying to fix everything without letting Tom help. I get why, with his mother’s history, being independent was so important to him, but it’s also important to recognize that we can’t do everything on our own, and IMO Milo was just as much in the wrong as Tom, for his refusal to accept any help. Especially considering the reason he was struggling. That felt far more like pride than straight stubbornness.

So, although I really liked both characters, I felt like Milo was just as wrong as Tom, so it didn’t see quite right for Tom to be the only one groveling.

Because recognizing when you need help, and asking for that help is important.

Publisher: Carina Press
Rating: 6/10


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