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Grilled Cheese and Goblins

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Grilled Cheese and Goblins (2018) Nicole Kimberling

Grilled Cheese and GoblinsKeith Curry is a food inspector for NATO’s Irregulars Affairs Division (NIAD). He may carry a mage gun, but most of the time his tools are thermometers and glasses that allow him to see the supernatural.

This book is six interlinked stories.

“Cherries Worth Getting”
“Cookie Jamboree”
“The Little Golden Book of Goblin Stories”
“Magically Delicious”
“The Most Important Meal of the Day”
“Bring Out Your Best”

We learn how Keith became a supernatural food inspector (it’s a pretty stomach churning story), why he is a vegetarian (see previous), and we see if he’s met the love of his life.

“Cherries Worth Getting” is the first story, and tells how Keith and Gunther get together–as well as how they break the case of missing humans and rumors of a cannibalism ring. We learn precisely how Keith discovered NIAD, why he joined, and the kind of work he does. We also learn why food inspectors are important (on the off chance you didn’t already know this).

“Cookie Jamboree” is short story where we meet Gunther’s god-father and learn about changes coming to their lives.

“The Little Golden Book of Goblin Stories” is another shorter story, and I love the idea of a little golden book for goblins.

“Magically Delicious” is a story I’d read previously, and the reason I was interested in this collection. Someone is hexing NIAD agents, and when it happens to Gunther, Keith goes beyond his remit to find who is responsible.

But we also get glimpses of their shared life, which are pretty adorable.

Snow goblins—that is goblins who had not undergone transmogrification—looked like creatures of nightmare. They seemed to be made entirely of spiky, white bone. Blood red pits smoldered where their eyes should have been and they had more teeth than a barracuda, even when just born. Keith had now gazed upon many small, toothy creatures being held by proud parents or grandparents.

He mentally crossed his fingers, hoping for a pink or blue hat that would help him figure out the gender, at least.

I adore that.

“The Most Important Meal of the Day” is another short story where Keith and Gunther have to stop an apocalypse.

“Bring Out Your Best” concludes the anthology. It’s goblin mating rituals, combined with political species-ism as well as other issues. Although Keith’s actions are pretty over the top, it’s quite fun, and I absolutely love the magical (AI? technological?) planes.

It’s a cute and fun anthology, and I’ve already loaned it to someone.

Publisher: Blind Eye Books
Rating: 8/10


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