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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Starcrossed (2020) Allie Therin (Magic in Manhattan)

StarcrossedSet in New York in 1925.

This is set immediately after the events of the first book. Rory and Arthur are in Hyde Park where Rory is helping to authenticate some of Arthur’s brother’s supposedly antique compasses, and Arthur is visiting his family.

“Speaking of children,” Arthur said dryly. “Yours are as well-mannered as ever.”

Harry only smiled, unperturbed. “I moved to the country so they could run free as wild horses.” Mrs. Brodigan put a hand over her heart, looked thoroughly charmed.

“How lovely.”

“Lovely rubbish,” said Arthur. “Don’t listen to a word. He’s a soft touch, yes, but he also has more children than limbs. This is the cowardly surrender of a zookeeper overrun by the monkeys.”

I really like Arthur.

(F)inishing school in London just makes you interesting.”

Arthur sighed into his drink. “I want to be the boring one. If I’m the most interesting person in the conversation, then I’ve chosen the wrong company.”

In this story, Rory is trying to deal with his connection to a relic, and a new relic appears, and amidst all that Rory and Arthur are trying to work out their relationship.

It’s particularly interesting, that is issue of class is almost as much of a hurdle as the issue of sexuality. Arthur was in the war and has friends from the “lower classes” because of that, but there is no real sense of equality yet, where rumors wouldn’t start if Arthur spent too much time in Rory’s company. As Lord Fine points out–no one would think much of two confirmed wealthy bachelors traveling and spending time together, but everyone would notice and comment about Arthur spending so much time with Rory.

And I remain delighted that the boinking is fade-to-black.

It’s another good story, and I can’t wait for the third book.

Publisher: Carina Press
Rating: 8/10


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