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The Weight of It All

Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Weight of It All (2016) N.R. Walker

The Weight of it AllAfter eight years, Henry Beckett’s left him, because he was too old (35!) and too fat. At first Harry things that he wants to get into shape to get Graham back, but he quickly realizes he wants to make the changes for himself.

“Who’s Graham?”

“What?” He put his hand up like he was stopping traffic. “You just said, ‘And that’s why Graham left me.’”

Oh shit. Did I? “Graham… Graham is the new Voldemort. We don’t speak his name out loud anymore.”

Which is good because we slowly discover that Graham has stiffled Harry from being who he really is.

“Everyone who tried your lemon tart loved it, Henry. It was the perfect excuse for you to talk to the people you work with, and if you’d give them a chance, they’ll love you too.”

I stared at her. “Is that another compliment? Because we’ve just been through that.”

She walked to her desk. “You mispronounced thank you.”

And despite the title, and despite the fact Henry starts by going to the gym, the story is really about Henry coming to terms with himself, who he had become, and who he wants to be.

It’s lovely, and although Henry changes, he doesn’t miraculously become a gorgeous hunk.

I wasn’t perfect. In fact, I was far from it. But I was taking control of my body, of my mental headspace, and of my life.

He just becomes a better version of himself.

Publisher: BlueHeart Press
Rating: 8/10

Categories: 8/10, LGBT, Romance, Sexual Content

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