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Galaxies and Oceans

Monday, October 19, 2020

Galaxies and Oceans (2018) N.R. Walker

Galaxies and OceansI know it’s only been a month since I read this the first time, but it came to mind for a recommendation request, and I went to look for a specific quote, and, well. I re-read the entire thing.

Grief was like the great Southern Ocean; it moved in ebbs and flows, often turbulent and rough, or peaceful and settled, and even over time when I could navigate the waters, the tide never stopped.

I learned a lot from living with Anton for four years. Physical reactions always said more than words. I learned that Anton could tell me he loved me, tell me he was sorry, tell me he’d never hurt me again, but the coldness of his eyes or the set of his mouth told me otherwise.

I picked Tabby up and held her to my chest. “And you, Miss Tabby, know you’re not supposed to sit on the kitchen bench.”

Aubrey fought a smile as he continued to wash up. “I asked her and she told me she could totally sit up there.”

“I’m sure she did.”

Oh. I started re-reading again, while looking for those quotes.
Rating: 8.5/10

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