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For Real

Thursday, October 29, 2020

For Real (2018) Alexis Hall (Spires)

For RealThis was really really not my thing.

Yet I couldn’t stop reading.

Laurence Dalziel has grown weary of the local BDSM scene. It gives him some of what he needs–but so much else of what he wants is nowhere to be found. So it is as much a shock to him as to everyone else when he takes a young man home–a small, slight young man half his age, yet somehow completely the dominant Laurie needs.

So what kept me reading? First, I really liked Toby and wanted to discover more about him.

(MYy granddad’s a pretty biased man. He thinks I’m this astonishing, talented, wonderful person, in spite of all available evidence to the contrary. But that’s sort of what love is, I guess. A perpetual state of semideranged partiality.

But also because I really don’t get the dom/sub thing, and it was kinda of fascinating to read about. Especially how it could in some ways be separated from sex, but also how for at least the two characters in the book, it was inseparable from intimacy.

So: not for me, but I am glad I read it.

Rating: 7/10


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