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So We Meet-Cute Again

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

So We Meet-Cute Again (2019) Geneva Vand

So We Meet-Cute AgainAiden and Jason keep seeing each other everywhere–at the coffee shop, and the local market, at the grocery store, on the street–so much that each feels like he’s stalking the other.

There was nothing at all wrong with this story.

My problem is that once the two had their first (unofficial) date, the story was pretty much over. Except that it kept on for a bit after that. Not that it was bad, it was just that nothing really happened. I spent more time wondering about some of the secondary characters than i did about the main characters once they had their first kiss.

So it wasn’t bad, but it definitely won’t be a re-read, no matter how cute it is.
Rating: 6/10

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