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Mr. Right Now

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Mr. Right Now (2019) Annabeth Albert

Mr Right NowWhen Russ offered to make Thanksgiving dinner for his sister’s family (including her mother-in-law who is also Russ’ boss) his new boyfriend was going to help him. But when Soren dumps him the day before Thanksgiving, he decides to try it on his own, to show that he is capable of making it in civilian life.

Or maybe Russ simply didn’t have enough experience with how adult, non-military friendships worked.

But when his hot neighbor finds him throwing away his only ruined skillet, he admits he needs help. And that help ends up turning into a fake relationship that maybe Russ wishes wasn’t so fake.

Very sweet! Which is what I’ve been seeking right now.

I like both characters, the both are good at talking, and the drama fits with the issues both have. Both characters have supportive family members, and Esteban’s interactions with Russ’ nephew were actually perfect. ie he wasn’t a plot moppet but an actual kid who needs to be considered as such.

“So what’s the appetizer?” Esteban asked as they finished, and he rinsed the strainer full of potatoes.

“Appetizer?” Russ shot him an adorably helpless look. “We need one of those?”

“You have a kid coming. Food out early is always a good thing.”

It was sweet and realistic and made it obvious Esteban enjoyed–and knew how to deal with–kids.
Rating: 8/10

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