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Jericho Candelario’s Gay Debut

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Jericho Candelario’s Gay Debut (2018) R. Cooper

Jericho Candelarios Gay DebutI am struggling pretty hard right now, so I needed a story that was going to let me feel things, but in a soft way, and that would be a hug.

This is a love story in two parts. First, of Jericho’s love for his family and their love for him: especially his sister and his niece. The way these three interact is just wonderful and several times almost made my cry.

Jerry studied her short, half-dyed curls and her flushed cheeks. “You’re going to be a part of everything, Sof. That’s wonderful. That’s so wonderful. And you trusted us enough to tell us. That makes me very happy. Like we did something right with you.”

“Oh, Jerry,” Susanna whispered. “I just stopped crying.”

But it’s also about Jerry’s love for Lincoln, and how he has no idea how to express his thoughts and feelings, and how he thinks he’s too old and not enough.

Jerry had seen a thousand romantic comedies and movie moments where people did this but never starring anyone like him or Lincoln.

This is a slow story, an unfolding. There is no action. There is no Big Misunderstanding, There is only Jericho coming to terms with how his life is changing, and how he may be able to have something for himself.

Rating: 9/10

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