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The Weddings

Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Weddings (2019) Alexander Chee (Inheritance collection)

The WeddingsLet me be clear: this is not a romance.

Jack Cho never quite expected gay marriage to become legal, so he’s not quite sure how to navigate them–especially with a relatively new boyfriend.

Now that he was going to weddings, he had become aware there was an etiquette to them he didn’t know or understand, small ways he had screwed up even with his brothers’ weddings that haunted him still.

This short story is a musing on past loves and integrating one’s past into one’s new life. On being an outsider in different groups that by rights should belong to.

I wasn’t sure what this story was going on, so I think I may end up rereading it later, so pick up on things I missed, and to take the time to consider the themes (I’m not really in a mood for considering right now).

Publisher: Amazon Original Stories

Rating: 7/10

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