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Marine Biology

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Marine Biology (2010) G. L. Carriger (San Andreas Shifters)

Marine BiologyThis is a short story featuring werewolves and merpeople and selkies.

Alec is a marine biologist and hides as much of himself as he can from his pack. Because they definitely won’t appreciate that he’s gay.

But when a crush from high school shows up, needing Alec’s pack’s help, perhaps it’s time for Alec to finally become himself.

There is a lot of flirting and a good deal of silliness here.

Marvin petted Alec’s arm as though Alec were some skittish animal. “So here I am, a marine mammal, and I’ve got biology. I was thinking I might work my way onto your sample chart.”

If you’ve read the Parasol Protectorate, the werewolves here are pretty much the opposite of the werewolves there–uncouth and narrow-minded bikers.

It’s not a bad short story. Having read the following stories, however, I feel like there is so much world-building missing here.

Rating: 6.5/10


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