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Arctic Sun

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Arctic Sun (2019) Annabeth Albert (Frozen Hearts)

Arctic Sun

“Food sounds good,” River lied. The alarm on his phone earlier had said it was time to eat, so he would.

It’s partly control— I don’t like not having charge of what happens— but it’s also wrapped up in my body image stuff and the eating disorder. I have a hard time letting myself have good things.”

He hated telling people about his drinking problem, hated the way it changed how they looked at him, how it colored every interaction from that point onward.

He’d gotten sober, one white-knuckled night at a time. That was all that mattered. And staying sober was his number one priority.

The hike took them over a long wooden bridge away from the road until River felt the familiar thrill he got when hiking away from civilization— all the obligations and expectations that rattled around his head faded until it was only him and this spot on the planet, the rush of being privileged to get to see all this abundance of beauty.

Publisher : Carina Press
Rating: 8.5/10


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