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Spectred Isle

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Spectred Isle (2017) KJ Charles (Green Men)

Spectred IsleSet in England in 1923

Saul’s professional instincts were shaped by his doctorate in archaeology from Oxford and two years working on excavations in Mesopotamia. Major Peabody believed that if the ravens left the Tower of London, the city would fall.

He hadn’t given a damn about Saul’s war record or the conviction, and unlike the very few other people who’d been prepared to give him work since 1918, hadn’t expected him to accept lower pay and worse treatment as a consequence.

But Randolph had lost almost every relation, professional colleague, and teacher he’d ever known in the War, just as Sam had lost his entire family, and Barney and Isaacs had near as dammit lost their souls. He was no longer prepared to believe that things would work out for the best.

“I think this gentleman’s having some bad memories,” Lazenby said, and turned his face away from Randolph to mouth something.

“Does it work for everything?” “You mean, can it minister to a mind diseased?” “Broken minds, broken hearts.” Saul tried to say it lightly, but he felt his throat tighten.

Saul stood, helpless. Glyde stepped close, eyes intent and full of something Saul couldn’t understand. He reached out and carefully, tenderly, wiped the wet cloth over Saul’s cheek.

Publisher : KJC Books
Rating: 8/10


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