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Short Stories: Annabeth Albert

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Short Stories: Annabeth Albert Annabeth Albert

“New Status Needed” (2016) Noah & Adrian, #gaymers 1.5 (16 pages)
“Tease Me” (2019) #gaymers Ryan & Josiah 3.5 (26 pages)
“Love Connection” (2017) Ryan & Josiah #gaymers 3.7 (24 pages)
“Off Leash” (2018) Pike & Zach, Out of Uniform 1.5 (26 pages)
“Homebodies” (2018) Wes & Dustin, Out of Uniform 4.2 (22 pages)
“Mr. Strauss & Mr. Lowe” (2020) Wes & Dustin, Out of Uniform 4.5 (29 pages)
“New In Town” (2018) ALex & Marco, Out of Uniform 8.5 (35 pages)
“Cranky Christmas” (2015) Lance & Chris, Portland Heat 3.5 (19 pages)
“Knit Quick” (2016) Ev & Brady, Portland Heat 4.5 (31 pages)

These are all short stories–and all but one are codas other stories and don’t stand on their own.

They were also all boinking stories, which is really not what I wanted. I wanted to revisit the characters, but wasn’t up for most of the stories being mostly sex.

Rating: 5.0


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