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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Status Update (2015) Annabeth Albert (#gaymers)

Status Update

“I’m actually a geoarchaeologist— I specialize in the study of how early civilizations interacted with their physical environment and how that physical environment influenced the artifacts we find.”

“Trust me, we don’t want to get it wrong— we give a rocky planet too many characteristics of a water-rich one, someone will complain.”

“That someone would probably be me. One of your early promo videos didn’t have dirt blowing accurately, given the rest of the landscape—”

“Holy crap! That email was you?”


I decided he’s kind of my security blanket. When the rest of the family gets insane, I can always retreat with him, you know? ‘Excuse me. Dog needs a walk.’ It’s like a socially acceptable need for a smoke.”

“Tom and I fight all the time. A fight is a disagreement.” She spoke slowly like Noah was missing some basic relationship intelligence. Which maybe he was.

“You fight? I thought you hate conflict—”

“No. You hate conflict. I hate emotionally abusive men. That’s different than arguing.”

Publisher : Carina Press
Rating: 6/10


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