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Not Even a Mouse

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Not Even a Mouse (2015) Dahlia Donovan

Not Even a MouseKat is a shifter.

(T)he feathertail glider shifter— not a mouse, thank you very much.

She has also been in love with her older brother’s best friend for years. Not that she’d ever tell him.

Declan has spent his adult life studying genetics, trying to determine the genetics behind shifting.

One of the many reasons Declan had chosen to study zoology and genetics was an attempt to determine on what level shifter DNA differed from humans.

I utterly adore that he is a scientist trying to find a genetic component to shifting.

His lack of success in the past had led to threats of a loss of funding for his research. The department would likely decide to shut him down temporarily— which in the Zoology department at Cambridge meant forever.

Plus dealing with all the usual being a scientist things.

This is a cute short story.

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Rating: 7/10


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