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How to Be a Movie Star

Sunday, December 26, 2021

How to Be a Movie Star (2019) T.J. Klune (How to Be)

How to Be a Movie StarJosiah Erickson wants to be a movie star. From his first acting role–as a block of cheeses–he has wanted nothing more than to act.

Unfortunately, he tends to create stories in his head.

A man a few chairs down stood up. He had to be at least six four and looked as if he were an underwear model who liked to stand near the large windows in his loft and brood as he stared down at the city below, a cup of coffee in one hand, the other pressed against the glass.

When he is auditioning for a role, this is problematic.

Also unfortunately for Josy, he’s demisexual, in a town that sexualizes everything. So meeting nice guys is a problem.

Xander apparently decided to use his powers for evil, because he said, “Josy, isn’t there something you wanted to say?”

Josy wasn’t feeling very fond of Xander at the moment. “Um.”

“Hi,” Q-Bert said.

“Hi,” Josy breathed.

“Huh,” Dee said again.

“Jesus Christ,” Xander muttered.

Josy has no ego. He also has no filters.

He’s very sweet, but I also found him annoying in large doses, which was problematic with him being the main character.

“I’m a Rubik’s Cube,” Josy said honestly. “I’m made up of rainbow colors, but they’re all out of order, and you need to spin me around until I start making sense.”

Luckily, the location shifted from LA back to Oregon, and we get more of other characters.

“Don’t we have that thing we have to get to?” Betty asked Bertha and Bernice. “Remember? That thing we have to go to so we don’t have to be here?”

“What thing?” Bernice frowned. “I don’t remember there being a thing.”

“That thing,” Betty growled.

Oh,” Bertha said. “That thing. No, that got postponed until some other day. We have absolutely nowhere else to be, so we’ll stay right here.”

So this was a frustrating book for me, because I get that Josy is sweet and kind and lovely and open, but I can only handle that in small bits.

Publisher: BOATK Books
Rating: 7/10

Categories: 7/10, Ace, eBook, LGBT, Own Voices, Romance

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