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Conventional Shadows

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Conventional Shadows (2022) Lissa Kasey (A Simply Crafty Paranormal Mystery)

Conventional ShadowsAlex and Micah are taking a trip to an anime convention–one that will hopefully go better than the previous convention they went to, which ended up with Alex bringing home a ghost cat.

Alex is still learning about crafting, but is more than happy to model the outfits Micah creates for him–even if he isn’t sure about walking around in a gender-bent Star Wars costume.

But both remain worried about ghosts and spooks and spirits, and neither is delighted when another con-goer asks them to check if their room is haunted.

This short story is mainly about Alex and Micah going to the con, and the costuming and convention.

Which is fun.

The interesting thing about the ghost is that despite what it turns out to be, Alex & Micah are both somewhat afraid of it. With good reason, mind you, considering their pasts.

This isn’t a place to jump into the series, but more of a slice of their lives outside of the main stories.

Publisher: Layer Kake Publishing, LLC
Rating: 7/10


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