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Artificial Condition

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Artificial Condition (2018) Martha Wells (The Murderbot Diaries)

Artificial ConditionMurderbot!

Constructs sometimes fall under the same category as bots, sometimes under the same category as deadly weapons. (FYI, that is not a good category to be in.))

So they made us smarter. The anxiety and depression were side effects.

I didn’t have any parts related to sex and I liked it that way.

Interacting meant talking, and eye contact. I could already feel my performance capacity dropping.

It will be simple, ART insisted. I’ll assist you.

Yes, the giant transport bot is going to help the construct SecUnit pretend to be human. This will go well.

“Sometimes people do things to you that you can’t do anything about. You just have to survive it and go on.”

Publisher: Tordotcom

Rating: 10/10


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