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Murder in Pastel

Monday, July 4, 2022

Murder in Pastel (2015) Josh Lanyon

Murder in PastelKyle Bari still lives in the home that belonged to his father, the famous painter Cosmo Bari, and makes his living writing mysteries.

“That was the summer I got sick. Rheumatic fever.” “

Which left you with a weak heart.”

“It was the summer my father disappeared.”

Adam MacKinnon had been one of Cosmo Bari’s apprentices, and after Cosmo’s disappearance, went to the city for years. But now Adam is back–along with his lover Brett, an acidic and beautiful young man who asked to come to the artist commune.

When Cosmo disappeared, so did his latest (and alst) painting.

“The Virgin is still around somewhere. I remember seeing it a few days before Cosmo disappeared.”

There was an astounded silence. “You never said so before,” Joel said.

“You never questioned the painting’s existence before.”

There are some interesting bits to this story.

“What really happened that last day?”

“I don’t remember,” I said. “I didn’t realize he was leaving, so I wasn’t paying attention.”

But the mystery felt overly convoluted at times, and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the solution.

Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing, Inc.

Rating: 7/10

Categories: 7/10, eBook, LGBT, Mystery, Romance, Sexual Content

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