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Waiting for the Flood, Audio Edition

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Waiting for the Flood, Audio Edition (2016) Alexis Hall narrated by Alexander Doddy

This is one of my favorite Alexis Hall stories. I primarily listen to Fantasy and Mystery, but thought I’d see how I felt about this.

I still love the story, but I think romance isn’t a genre that is particularly going to work for me in audio.

And, of course, adventure gets me too. Not quite in the same way as ravish, but it gets me. It makes me fizz a little. I don’t know how or even when Mrs. P. worked it out, but she’s been exploiting it ever since. Weeding her lawn is an adventure. Replacing a lightbulb is an adventure. Taking her bin out is an adventure. Or perhaps it’s just easier for both of us than admitting she struggles to do these things herself.

This is still one of my favorite novellas, and I’m a bit said the audio doesn’t work for me, but that’s ok.

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Rating: 7/10


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