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Posthumous Education

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Posthumous Education (2022) Drew Hayes (Fred, the Vampire Accountant)

Posthumous EducationFred, the Vampire Accountant, Book 8

This series remains a delight.

As usual there are five sections, each a full story but all intertwined.

An Unexpected Enrollment
An Eventful Guest Lecture
An Impromptu Field Trip
A Hectic Homecoming
The Commencement

That’s right–Fred is going back to University. Hellebore is calling in her favor, and it’s for Fred to become an interim professor at Trestlevend–a supernatural university.

One if the things I adore about this series are the little details that make Fred who he is. Like what would happen to his business while he was gone.

“I’m surprised you even want to step back.”

“It’s more that I have to, for the good of the company overall.” I struggled to find the right words for my concerns. They were difficult to explain to anyone who hadn’t been ground down by corporate structures. “We’re getting too big. Big enough that hiring more employees alone isn’t going to be a fix for much longer. I’m going to need people filling the same role as I do, taking on managerial positions. The more we expand, the less personal interactions I’ll be able to have with each client, and that genuinely bothers me.”

That is such an amazing and perfect Fred sentiment, yet (like Krystal) I ended up being taken by surprise as well.

And of course other characters make appearances, including Neil and Albert (who get into a mage duel), and even Deborah.

“Holy shit, who skinned Oscar the Grouch?”

To my near-shock, Deborah actually appeared a bit frightened by the suggestion. “Perish the thought. I avoid those things whenever possible. Some of us still remember the feral ones that used to roam wild.”

Both Krystal and I stared at the intruding vampire, but it was my wife who found her voice first. “I really hate that I’m not sure if you’re screwing with us or not.”

It’s another great book, and came out just when I needed it to pull me out of a slump.

Rating: 8.5/10


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