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Network Effect, Audio Edition

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Network Effect, Audio Edition (2020) Martha Wells narrated by Kevin R. Free

Network Effect: A Murderbot Novel


“What is that thing?” Target Leader demanded. “What are you? You’re a bot?”

Thiago said, “It’s a security unit. A bot/ human construct.” T

arget Leader didn’t seem to believe him. “Why does it look like a person?”

I said, “I ask myself that sometimes.”

Over the comm loudspeaker, Dr. Ratthi said, “It is a person!”

In the background, I heard Overse whisper, “Ratthi, get off the comm!”

In a low voice, Ratthi commented to Overse, “Anyone who thinks machine intelligences don’t have emotions needs to be in this very uncomfortable room right now.”

(If I got angry at myself for being angry I would be angry constantly and I wouldn’t have time to think about anything else.)

(Wait, I think I am angry constantly. That might explain a lot.)

Publisher: Recorded Books

Rating: 9.5/10


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