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Sweet & Sour Spells

Friday, March 31, 2023

Sweet & Sour Spells (2023) Jessica Rosenberg (Baking Up a Magical Midlife)

The precious books in the series were fine. I kept reading because I was curious about the characters, and the stories were a nice escape.

It’s not that this one was bad, but I ran into more copy editing errors that threw me out of the story. I also had some serious questions about the actions and behaviors of some of the characters in the story–instead of feeling natural, those actions and reactions felt forced to get the story to move in a specific direction, so I kept wondering why people were behaving as they did instead of just going with the story.

There was also a “take the main character shopping and with good clothes she sees how gorgeous she is” scene, which… ugh. The author tried to offset that with a bit about self-confidence being beautiful, but it was too little to late to save that for me.

And of course there was the romance, which, again, felt more like it was being forced in to meet the needs of the story than something organic between the characters.

So, overall I found it disappointing, as if she was writing to finish a book, rather than getting out a story she already had.

Publisher: Blue Octopus Press

Rating: 6/10


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