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Once a Rogue

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Once a Rogue (2023) Allie Therin (Roaring Twenties Magic)

Once a RogueSet in New York in 1925

I wish I’d been better able to focus, because I love Allie Therin’s stories. In fact, I was hoping that the story would allow me to focus on something outside of myself.

The failing is mine, not the story’s. I’ll try and read it again at a later time, when I’m in a better head space.

That said I did enjoy it, I just couldn’t focus and felt like I missed a lot.

An aside, having just reread the series, Wesley kept reminding me of Murderbot.

Wesley had never been the possessive type. Jealousy was, after all, a feeling, and he was incapable of those.

And Wesley was absolutely not going to have an emotion about a truckload of people praising him.

Wesley’s part of the story is to a great degree, Sebastian comvincing him he isn’t a monster for the actions he took during the war.

Sebastian has his own problems, but he deal with them by burying them.

Men like Wesley and Langford wore their scars on the outside, where everyone could see and know to keep their distance. Sebastian kept his inside, where they couldn’t hurt anyone else.

I identify strongly with Sebastian, but I enjoyed reading about Wesley–mostly because I wanted problems far from my own.

“After all, it is apple season.”

“Apple season.” Were the river views and fiery leaf-covered mountains not sufficient? How quaint did one town need to be? “We’re also not here for pie.”

“I might be here for pie,” Sebastian said.

I too might be here for pie.

Publisher: Carina Press

Rating: 7/10


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