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Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure (2019) Courtney Milan (The Worth Saga)

Mrs Martins Incomparable AdventureSet in England in 1867.

She was sixty-nine and unmarried—one of the so-called surplus women who choked up the attics and rooming houses of London. Never mind her experience, her meticulous calculational capabilities, her voluminous memory. She was old and unpretty.

“I was polite and kind, even when my tenants were in arrears, even when they threatened me. I was always, always kind. I thought if I was, they’d have to be kind back. Eventually.”

“Do you often bebother men who fall from your good graces?”

Bertrice thought about the look on her Terrible Nephew’s face. “Not often enough.”

Rating: 7/10


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