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A Restless Truth

Sunday, November 5, 2023

A Restless Truth (2022) Freya Marske (Last Binding)

A Restless TruthSet in England in 1908 (or so)

One of the things I especially like about this series are the lovely secondary characters.

“Miss Debenham,” he said, warm with pride, “meet Lady Albert Barton. My wife.”


Lady Albert Barton rolled her eyes and sat down heavily on the piano stool.

“Bertie,” she said, “do we have different definitions of a secret marriage?”

Mrs. Bernard, champion entertainer that she was, was back singing her favourite tune. The chorus went: Has Your Lordship Ever Considered Marriage?

“I’m afraid I’ve never been tempted,” said Hawthorn. “After all, what are the benefits for a man in my position?”

“Companionship,” said Mrs. Bernard. “Surely.”

“I prefer my peace and quiet,” said Hawthorn.

“Someone to manage your household for you.”

“I am self-managing, ma’am.”

I wanted to know everything, and could never narrow it down for fear there was something more exciting lurking around the next corner.

Publisher: Tordotcom

Rating: 8.5/10


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