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A Christmas Dance

Friday, January 12, 2024

A Christmas Dance (2014) Alissa Johnson

A Christmas Dance

Miss Byerly did not feature in his matrimonial plans.

Pity, really, that she wasn’t a bit softer. He’d spoken to her once or twice before and she seemed an intelligent sort, with an efficiency of speech and manner he appreciated.

But he wasn’t in need of additional efficiency in his house. He was drowning in efficiency. He was in need of a feminine touch.

“Nothing ill-advised about eavesdropping. It’s a remarkably useful tool. It’s getting caught in the act that I’d advise against.”

“You’ve no Christmas traditions, then? No Yule log, no wassail, no silly games?”

“Not as of yet,” she replied, before giving a decisive nod of her head. “But I shall. There are plenty to choose from. Last year in Belgium, Caroline and I met a lovely family who brings an entire tree into their house and covers it with candles. And we met a gentleman from Sweden who said in his village a young woman puts a wreath of candles upon her head and goes about with a procession—“

“Are there any traditions you’d care to try that aren’t likely to set home and person aflame?”

“Certainly. I should like to try Bob-Apple.”

Rating: 8.5/10


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